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I am having a lot of trouble uploading photos on this site today why?



Volcanic ash cloud?

21 Apr, 2010


lol volunteer either that or I've got a trapped nerve in my shoulder, no I have; or it could be this blimming lap top got a mind of its own

21 Apr, 2010 is so wonderful(lly frustrating!).

21 Apr, 2010


I find my laptop mouse very sensitive. I have to make sure the cuff of my sleeve doesnt catch it or the cursor goes all over the place.
Sometimes photos do take a long time 3 mins plus so you have to wander away and come back with a cuppa. :o)

21 Apr, 2010


I go for a plod round the room or the garden while GOY loads photos. Trying to do 10K steps a day, not always succeeding. Fantastic results on my blood tests I benefit by the slowness of the loading......and a good wieght loss too. Only bit of good news Iv'e had recently!!!

21 Apr, 2010


I think there's still something amiss with the sites speed generally.
In the mornings and evenings the site is still painfully slow, yesterday i gave up twice on the site - that was morning aswell as evening times.

22 Apr, 2010


well, just too many gardeners enjoying the great website!!

26 Apr, 2010

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