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My neighbour's azalea seems rather unwell, it has gone droopy and brown and the flower buds are soft. Any ideas as to the cause? We think frost damage but would like to know if there may be a disease? Is it worth trying to rescue it. It is quite a few years old. See pics.

Thanks Blortwick

Sandra_s_azalea_3 Sandra_s_azalea_1



In the winter the Rhododendron will have been damaged by the very cold weather, also it would have been dried out and not been able to retain moisture. It is almost certain that most of the top growth is dead, it may break from the base but this is the root stock on which the hybrid was grown.

22 Apr, 2010


Thanks,we guessed it was the cold, but hoped that we could save it.


23 Apr, 2010

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