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what are the characteristics of sandy soil

Asked from the GoYpedia sandy soil plants page



Light, fine and 'sandy'. With lots of organic compost and humus it can be a great basis for a garden. This is the soil we had when we moved here 20 years ago - not sandy any longer :-)

23 Apr, 2010


As to a 'formal' definition - how about "A soil which has a higher proportion of sand in its constituents than any other material."

23 Apr, 2010


One only partly facetious definition goes:
"Let your kids play in it. If they make tasteful little ashtrays, it's clay soil. If they make messy mud pies, it's loam soil. If they make sand castles, it's sandy."
(probably mis)quoted from: Gardening: A Gardening Dictionary, Beard & McKie

24 Apr, 2010


Love it Tugbrethil

24 Apr, 2010


i do not like it because i need an answer for my assignment and this is no help

17 Mar, 2011


Aha! Another test question!
I suggest you look it up in your text, Info, or visit your library, or google assorted gardening books to see their definitions. Look over all of your information, and try to really understand what sandy soil is like. Once you understand the subject, you can answer the question clearly and surely, and use the information in your subsequent career. Cutting and pasting our answers is just cheating whoever is paying your tuition, and, ultimately, yourself.
A clue: such questions usually have to do with aeration, water holding capacity, nutrient holding capacity, heating and cooling characteristics, ease of digging and root growth, etc. Good luck!

17 Mar, 2011


this was so useless i want some ideas for my assignment and not ideas for useless network


3 Oct, 2012


Jeanrose, just as we told Guest and Information you need to do some research and get the answer to this yourself. If we supply you with the information then you will have learnt nothing, if you read your text book, course manual or study note then you will. Think of how a sandy soil functions, is it light or heavy? Does it hold water or is it free draining? There are lots of obvious characteristics to a sandy soil.

I'll give you this much information it is good for growing carrots and parsnips in but not brassicas.

3 Oct, 2012


Jeanrose, my answer was full of useful suggestions for an assignment, and had nothing to do with networks. I suggest that you read it again, slowly, and don't skip over any words, just because they don't seem like key words.

9 Oct, 2012

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