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My son and I were walking to the carp pond last and passed by one of the homes that was destroyed (We were all by a tornado on 27 Mar 2010) As we were walking by I saw this Devil's Ivy where the kitchen USE to be. It was in a vase with no water. I have to assume it once had water because the plant is still green but the vase was turned over. The owners have moved and have not been back for several weeks. I couldn't just leave it there.

My question is how can I revive it? It's hard to explain the shape it is in. Very limp I guess I would say. It has what feels like a film of grease on all the leaves ( It was beside where the stove once stood) There is insulation all over the place. So it has both grease and insulation stuck to it. Can I clean it without damaging it or is it too late?

I want to save it if I can. The one I had was also damaged by the tornado as were most of my plants. Any tips on what to do is appreciated.

This is what it looks like. I just filled the vase with distilled water until I could figure out what to do.

On plant Golden Pothos ( Devil's Ivy )




Can't help with the question sorry, though I'm sure other members of this wonderful site will. Just wanted to say I'm sorry you lost most of your plants. It's really hard to imagine what people go through in the midst of a tornado but at least you came out the other end. Hope you find the answer to your question.....:o)

23 Apr, 2010


Thank you Dylandog. We were all lucky in Davidson and Guilford county, NC. No one was killed. I'm still trying to nurse all my plants back to health.

23 Apr, 2010


The only way we grow this over here is as a houseplant! When I've wanted new plants, I just chopped off some topgrowth, stripped back the bottom leaves and popped the remaining stem with a couple of leaves on top of it in a bottle full of water. When the roots appeared and got to an inch long, I pot them up, so I'd give that a try - you could just chop the tops off, use those, and leave the rest where it is, in case it grows again.

23 Apr, 2010


It's a houseplant there, too, Bamboo--it only survives the winter outdoors in nearly frost-free areas, like here Sadly, it was only outside because there was no inside for it to be in! I would use a diluted mild dish soap and soft paper towels to clean the grease and insulation off. Then I would keep it in water, with bright, indirect light, until it grows roots, then you can pot it up. Once it's potted, use your favorite houseplant fertilizer on it and give it a little morning sun, for rapid recovery.

24 Apr, 2010


Thank you Tuqbrethil! I will try that right now. It hasn't perked up yet from being in the water. I'm hoping once the leaves are cleaned it will. Thank you for advice.

24 Apr, 2010

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