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By Lilybug

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

There seems to be a querys on sites about wether to plant Rhododendrons in sun or shade,which is best? (it is a Firelight and blooms in may) also we are planting in a tall & wide pot as we have clay soil, is it ok to plant it in just ericaceous compost.
Please help I need really to plant it in the next couple of days.



Rhodedendrons will certainly do better in acid soils and most clay soils are alkaline therefore you are probably best just using ericaceous compost. They grow naturally (as I understand) in woodland so - dappled shade is best. The next best alternative I would suggest is somewhere which is not in full sun all day, but does get some sun for part of the day.

23 Apr, 2010


Wow Rogerbee,
That was quick, thank you.

I watched the sun most of today, a good excuse to be really lazy.
As we have a north facing garden it's always difficult, but now I know the best spot.
Love the Avatar, we have a Huge bumble bees in our garden this year,one has taken resident in a spare nesting box.
I knew i should have made that bumblebee box earlier.

23 Apr, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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