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Garrya Elliptica

I am hoping to buy a Garrya Elliptica. I can't find one locally, so can anyone recommend a good online supplier? Also, will it grow in semi-shade?



Hi, I can recommend crocus, I have bought from them twice, and been completely satisfied on both occasions, and they're pretty quick on their delivery times.
You can grow Garrya elliptica in full sun or partial shade, if you live in a cold area, give it some protection from cold winds, it is only hardy to about minus 10c, Derek.

8 Feb, 2014


I saw a beauty in a corner of an old brick wall, guess it got some sun, and warmth from the wall

8 Feb, 2014


Thanks for your advice, Derek. It's usually fairly mild here. I shall check Crocus out.

The spot I have in mind is against a brick wall, Pamg, but not in full sun. I shall give it a go, I think. I read that they don't like being moved once they're established, so I wanted to be a bit careful with the position.

8 Feb, 2014


Did well on a sheltered wooden fence near the house, facing north west. If we left the curtains open the dining room light shone on the catkins at night - fabulous! Hope you get a lot of pleasure from your new one.

8 Feb, 2014


Mine is growing happily on a sheltered east-facing wall. But then I'm in balmy Berkshire

8 Feb, 2014


Thanks for your encouragement, Stera and Andrew.
An east-facing wall sounds about right. It's not exactly balmy here, but it is mild!

8 Feb, 2014


As long as it's sheltered - a garrya won't like cold easterly winds.

8 Feb, 2014


Yes - it is pretty sheltered. I think it'll be ok. Thank you.

9 Feb, 2014

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