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Fireblight in Pyracantha

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two of four Pyracantha bushes that I planted two years ago developed curling brown ( turning black ) leaves in early spring this year. As new growth was well under way I hoped that this was just the result of late frosts we had had a little earlier. I am now convinced that these two shrubs (both Mohave strain oddly enough ) have developed Fireblight and I have removed them from the ground and burnt them . I have collected as many of the dead leaves as possible and burnt them as well.
The other two bushes ( both saphyr Cadanga) are beautifully healthy and very well berried.

Is there any treatment that I should carry out to the ground where the infected plants were growing ( I appreciate that there is no chemical cure for the disease itself ) prior to replanting: and would it be safe to re-plant with two more Pyracantha Mohave or would this be courting disaster.

Your comments and advice would be much appreciated



Fireblight in Pyracantha
Exactly the same scenario, two bushes out of six, both Mohave, both infected with Fire Blight. The other four bushes, two orange berries, two yellow berries, both unaffected ... as yet!

24 Sep, 2009

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