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Cotinus in shade?

Northants, United Kingdom Gb

Hi ,I just wondered if anyone here has a smoke bush (cotinus coggygria royal purple/grace) growing in partial shade?
I'd love one but one border only recieves sun from 7.00am till 12.00am and the other receives dappled afternoon sun for a couple of hours then full sun for around 3 hours .I see the RHS recommend full sun.Many thanks.



Hi Susiespearing,
Yes I planted one of these last year which gets dappled shade and its growing very well. Also planted one in my son's garden which gets sun about half the day two years back and its over 1 metre high so far. Best of luck!

29 Jun, 2008


I am growing 'Golden Spirit' in a pretty shady corner and it is quite happy. The leaf colour will be more intense in full sun but in my experience, they are pretty tolerant shrubs

29 Jun, 2008


Thank you both.Theres a good sizable specimen available at the local nursery so I may fork out for it now and give it a try.I do normally like to start things young but really feel this area needs at least a little backbone quickly.

29 Jun, 2008


Cotinus will grow virtually any situation. Easy to propagate too, when your plant has a nice long branch on the side bend it down and scratch the bark a little, pin the place where you have marked to the soil making sure it is tight to the ground and cover that part with soil, in a year it will root there and in 2 years you have a new plant which you can then sever from the original. Layering, and Cotinus are easy, so are lots of other shrubs.

30 Jun, 2008

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