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Grubs on lilies

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

I have an orange lily plant in a planter which up to approx. 2 weeks ago appeared to be healthy with many flowers. After one week away on holiday I found many small black slug-like creatures clinging to the plant. I sprayed the plant with all all purpose pest spray, (not knowing what to do for the best). Next day there appeared quite a few orange grubs which I disposed of. Now the plant is looking a little sorry for itself. What has caused this and can you tell me the best way to treat the plant. Thank you.



Lily beetle's. You have the grubs that have hatched their eggs. Squash them otherwise they will grow drop to the soil and return as adults, and lay more eggs and the cycle will continue.
I would lift the lillie shake off the excess soil and re-pot. The Lily beetle (Red 6mm-8mm long) will drop to the soil on his back making it hard to find him. If you do squish him, he might even make a squeak noise.
Hope this helps.
I have a pic of the little darlings on one of my Frittilaries.

29 Jun, 2008


Thank you for all the information. I will repot the lily tomorrow and try to find the nasty Lily Beetle.

Looking forward to hearing the squeak.

29 Jun, 2008

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