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Lawn repair

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I have a dog who uses my lawn when he needs a wee. Is there any way of saving my lawn? When I have tried to repair the lawn with a standard lawn repair product it only seems to worsen the problem.



I am surprised that a dog's wee has made patches on your lawn. Henry's wee doesn't - except when he chooses to lift his leg on a plant - the plants don't like it! Bitches' wee does mark lawns, I know. The answer really is to water the place where he/she wees at once and then it will be OK. I believe that you can buy something to put into the water bowl which helps - from the vet or from a pet shop. Good luck!

29 Jun, 2008


I had that problem with my bitch, I kept a bucket of water handy and and empted it on where she had tinkled. Jackie x

30 Jun, 2008


Aside from the other replies of watering it in, it is possible to train you dog to only go in one place, thus limiting the damage to one corner perhaps. Your vet can tell you what to use to help the training process.

30 Jun, 2008

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