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What is this plant?

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just moved into a new house and we are unsure of what this plant is. I think it may be a Cordyline, but I am unsure of whether it is overgrown or whether there is another plant growing up behind it. I have attached a photo here, but would be grateful if anyone can confirm what it is. I am thinking of pruning the top part away to be able to paint the house, but don't want to damage the plant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




The one with palmate leaves looks very much like a Fatsia japonica or Fatshedra which is the former crossed with Ivy. The straight leafed one is probably a Cordyline as you say.
Never pruned our Fatsia so no practical knowledge for you, sorry.

9 Feb, 2014


Fatsia japonica should be pruned in spring when there's no chance of frost to avoid frost damage to new shoots.

9 Feb, 2014


Yes if you want prune the fatsia then Spring is the best time, dont be afraid to go right down, look for some young shoots further down and prune to these, it will respond with vigor, but like myron says prune when frost is finished, if i have to renovation prune a very overgrown Fatsia, then i carry this out in early to mid May, good results shall be seen.

9 Feb, 2014


Fatsia japonica above with 2 variegated yucca below ,not cordyline

9 Feb, 2014


As per Dgw, fatsia with varigated Yucca.

For god sake mind your eyes when working around the yucca....those leaves have nasty sharp points at the end.

10 Feb, 2014


Shows, we cannot grow either Yucca or Cordyline so I never am able to tell them apart from personal experience.

11 Feb, 2014

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