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what's the best way to deal with vine weevil? they are invading my pots .I bought nematodes once then forgot about them in the fridge, I 'm responsible for the death of milions!!



Go out after dark with a torch and pick them off and stamp on them.

25 Apr, 2010


Or if they are very invasive try Provado

25 Apr, 2010


If in mangeable pots, try a soil change and bump off the magotts if you can find them in the old soil.....robins love em. If pot is bigger......difficult. There is quite a history on GoY answers to questions saying Provado affecting the honey bee population. So far I have given 1 drench early in season before they get too active, and just as the plant is stirring. I am choosing to do no more than that because I see no honey bees so far this year. I might have seen one today, and it wasn't very well. Tenderly placed in the garden. By the way welcome to GoY.

25 Apr, 2010

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