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i've just dug all my grass and i've started to dig the earth over to remove any rocks or large stones, and i've comr across a layer of sand. what should i do



I would dig a few test holes about a meter deep, to see what's underground. If its just a shallow layer, with ordinary subsoil underneath, go ahead and dig that into the rest of your garden soil. If the sand seems to go down forever (odd with stones on top), dig as little of it into the topsoil as you can manage, while removing the stones. If you find alternating layers of sand, gravel, cobbles, and mud (common in some former beach deposits), you may have to take extraordinary measures to ensure good drainage, such as raised beds, or carefully planned drainage tiles.
Good luck on your project, Geri!

26 Apr, 2010


Just found Bulbaholic's comment on your previous posting of this question. He goes into more detail on what to do with deep sandy soil, and it's potential benefits. Good stuff!

26 Apr, 2010

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