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If the snails have munched the new hosta leaves (still rolled up) will the plant make new ones if I cut them off and repot?



yes they will resprout. I would use a slug pellet/beer trap to get the slimey little critters.

25 Apr, 2010


I save all my crushed eggshells too,and put a wide circle around them.It works for me,You need to like eggs though,as it takes lots.Lol. Started collecting them
last month,in an old plastic container.

25 Apr, 2010


I find copper collars work well. Gives the nasty blighters a shock and they go away!

26 Apr, 2010


We are well known in Yorkshire for the catch phrase of "how much?" I try the freebie way first :o)).Also smear Vaseline around the bottom of containers,which helps too.

26 Apr, 2010

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