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my pinks are looking very straggly. lots of dead looking stems then new shoots, am i too late to trim them?

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I trim mine when ever they get untidy and keep dead heading.

25 Apr, 2010


I'd prune back to living material now

25 Apr, 2010


thanks for the answers, my trouble is the new growth is on the end of about 18 inches of dead looking stems. They looked beautiful and healthy untill a prolonged spell of hard frost, Could i take the green tips off and pot them as cuttings

25 Apr, 2010


yes you can, I do this and I get lots more plants for free :o)

25 Apr, 2010


Then prune back to live growth...

25 Apr, 2010


You are lucky,Sbg,I never have any luck with cuttings of these,so gave it up as a bad job..and I hate being beaten.Usually ok with others,but Pinks ?..I'm rubbish....

25 Apr, 2010


They're not shooting from the base, as well? Odd for pinks, at least the ones I've dealt with. Any chance of pictures, Groovyjan?

25 Apr, 2010

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