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Stool a Eucalyptus


By Clarky

lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a small garden but would like to plant a eucalyptus gunnii. I have been told that if I stool the plant I can keep its growth in check to suit the garden. How do I do this. The plant is just under 4 feet high.



Stooling a tree is when you cut it down at the correct time of year to force it to produce new growth which is often different to the adult. We have a Balsam poplar with variegated leaves which we cut back to a four foot tall stump every autumn. I cut back our corkscrew willow the same way, but that is done in late spring after the catkins have gone. The book says to cut Eucalypptus back to the ground in early June.

30 Jun, 2008


Thank you for your information. It is most helpful. I must say I find it quite frightening to cut it to the ground but I will try it, perhaps next year, as you say the beginning of June.

30 Jun, 2008


I would suggest leaving a foot tall stump rather than cutting right to the ground. Or cut back this years growth to within a few inches of its point of origin. At least then there will be somrwhere for the new growth to emerge from.

30 Jun, 2008


Gosh. I am so impressed with the site. I'm afraid you may find it difficult to get rid of me now. I've put a couple of pics on for anyone who might be interested to look at. Any ideas for garden planning would be gratefully accepted.

30 Jun, 2008


You are very welcome, Clarky, and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do!!!

30 Jun, 2008

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