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By Terry11

Clwyd, United Kingdom Gb

every time I plant young clematis something eats them any ideas

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Snails and/or slugs. Get a plastic bottle (large), cut the top and bottom off, slit it up the side amd put it around the clematis stems, then tie it round with string. Make sure you push it into the soil a little - don't leave a gap underneath! This works for me. You can grow a plant in front of it to disguise it. Good luck.

Oh - and make sure that the supporting cane doesn't touch the trellis or wall, as snails do climb - and reach the clematis from the cane - I've seen them do it!!!!

26 Apr, 2010


thanks for that will try it and see how I get on off to gardening centre now.

Any idears to get rid of ant my garden is full of them, tried all sorts of ant power but they keep coming back.

26 Apr, 2010


For ants, you could try regularly hoeing the area where they are trying to nest, as long as it's in the soil. Otherwise, boiling water sees them off on paving or gravel and it won't harm animals or fish in a pond. As long as you don't pour it on them!

26 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the advice will try again, but they are every where real war between them and me.

26 Apr, 2010


Terry - get some 'ant stations' from the Garden Centre or DIY store - they work really well, if you place them near a nest or where the ants are worst.

26 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the information, not come across ant station, but will be asking some questions at my local gardening centre

28 Apr, 2010

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