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my eucalyptus has red spots on the leaves, which spread over the whole leaf and then the leaf becomes dry and crinkly anf falls off. what is it and how do i treat it. the tree is 3-4 yrs old and these spots are spreading. I don't want to lose the tree as it is so pretty and i sit under it on my bench/ Help



Do you have a picture please? Eucalyptus is evergreen. Evergreen plants do loose their leaves, but don't do it all at once like deciduous trees. I'm just wondering if this is just natural leaf replacement you're seeing? These red spots are curious...

26 Apr, 2010


Thabks for your reply. I will try to put photo on, when the rain stops maybe. have taken as many leaves off that are affected, but am worried those branches will just stay bare. thanks again for reply.

29 Apr, 2010


Thanks, a photo will help.

30 Apr, 2010

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