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what do I do with pinks plants after they have flowered?

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Trim off the dead flower heads and wait for next year!

27 Apr, 2010


Some pinks will bloom again this year if the deadheading is timely.

28 Apr, 2010


They might do in Arizona, but I'm sure that Scottish weather is quite the there is that ash cloud...

28 Apr, 2010


Yeah, sooner or later that's going to foul up even our weather patterns! It usually takes less than six weeks for some pinks (mainly Allwood hybrids) to rebloom here, so I had hopes for their cousins in Scotland.

28 Apr, 2010


my pinks have flowered several times after dead-heading them this year and I am in Stranraer Scotland.

When they have ended their flowering altogether, I will cut them down about one third of their growth, and then (as they are in pots) water then only very lightly and keep them out of the harsher weather by garden fleece.

12 Aug, 2010

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