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Bay Tree leaves going brown

We have a bay tree and the leaves have started to go brown. Is this normal for the time of year or is there something I can do to keep it alive.

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Hi, bay tree's are normally an evergreen so the leaves don't usually go brown. Is your tree in the ground or a pot? If it's in a pot it may be that it's been over-watered, or it could be if it's in an exposed site the wind and cold have got to the tree... If there's frost forcast then you need to cover the tree with fleece to protect it. Hopefully the brown leaves should grow back normal next year, so I don't think you need to worry too much about it. Hope this helps a bit :-)

7 Oct, 2007


A scale insect may target bay these are brownish, usually on the underside of the leaves, so check for those.

7 Oct, 2007


My Bay tree is in a pot, it sometimes loses a few leaves but otherwise stays green all the year. Has it got too dry? Mine does get watered but only in dry weather, and given an occasional feed. They are pretty hardy, we had one in Kent which grew into a real tree about 20 feet tall! (That's why this one is in a pot!)

7 Oct, 2007


More likely to be over watered. they are generally hardy now.

8 Oct, 2007


Don't forget that even evergreens need to do the Autumn thing. So it depends when the leaves are turning brown as well as how. I find it best to prune a trained shape of bay tree just before the new shoot buds start to swell in early spring.That way you don't feel too guilty about pruning off the lovely new growth. they can also go a bit brown if they sit in a draughty spot, so you could move to a more sheltered spot over winter.

9 Nov, 2007

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