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By Peanuts

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Would now be a good time to move a foxglove that is in the wrong place ?



Foxgloves are biennials so if it flowered in 2013 there is no point in moving anywhere.

11 Feb, 2014


it didn't flower last year, only appeared during the summer. it is currently in my herb bed and i'd like to move it into another bed. just hoping it will survive or should i wait til spring?

11 Feb, 2014


Right now I wouldn't move anything…your ground must be pretty much waterlogged. Remember that Foxgloves have a tap root and if you break this the plant won't survive.

11 Feb, 2014


Don't move it too far or the fairies that live in it won't be able to find it.

12 Feb, 2014


The fairies always know how to find the plants they live in.

12 Feb, 2014


Move at the end of this month, Peanuts, unless the ground is waterlogged or frozen.

12 Feb, 2014


If its a fairly big plant do take as big a root ball as you can - they often hate moving.

13 Feb, 2014


I have moved foxgloves several times (not the same plant!) - just the ordinary kind. As long as the ground is not frozen and I have taken a large spadeful around the root mine have always survived. I have the planting hole ready and watered, and firm them in immediately.

14 Feb, 2014

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