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Hi everyone I wonder when this rain stops (if ever) and we eventually get on the garden that we will need to use more fertiliser/manure this year as a lot of the nutrients could be washed away. What do you think ? Roy.



Good question. The farmers are collecting spare materials to send via the NFU to farmers on the Somerset Levels who wont have any crops this year.

Most of my plants are in containers, think I will mix up some liquid manure to give them later on.

14 Feb, 2014


Absolutely, soluble nutrients will be washed out the soil. Green manures that over winter would be the only effective way of holding them in the deluge.
The worm population may also be depleted as they can drown in their burrows. The answer is to mulch with compost that will allow the soil invertebrate population to recover. And also use a compound fertiliser in spring, possibly an expensive one with trace elements.
With good management everything will recover but it may cost a little more in materials to get the fertility back.

14 Feb, 2014


Thank-you Diane for your reply, yeah we're only about 7 miles away from Muchelney and the farmers are really desperate there, hopefully get this week-end over and they say its going to settle down a bit.
Thank-you BG for all of that information I think I'll start looking around , may go to the garden centre on Sunday weather permitting.

14 Feb, 2014

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