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My garden has been taken over by marsh marigold. Any tips of killing this very invasive plant



It is probably the lesser celandine. Dig out as many of them as you can, including the small brown tubers. Or you could spray them with a glycophosphate type of weedkiller. They are a nuisance though.

28 Apr, 2010


Mine has too :-((
I wonder why i've got it now, i've not had it here before ?

28 Apr, 2010


Thank you very much. I was thinking of trying glycophosphate but was worried about the plants around the celandine. The problemis so bad now so I will have to use a chemical. Thanks again.


28 Apr, 2010


you can paint it on with and old pstry brush, may get odd looks from the neighbours ! or lift the plants you want then spray. replanting a day later. glycophosphate becomes inert on contact with the soil, so you can replant. It would be worth washing the soil off the roots to remove any celandine tubers.

28 Apr, 2010


er, i thinkin htat marsh marigold is Caltha palustris, not celandine - celandine is Ranunculus ficaria, or comon name PILEWORT. in russia it is call chistotel, weer it use a lot as herb.
I copy/paste this:
J. R. R. Tolkien mentions this plant (and many others!) when he describes spring in Ithilien: "Great ilexes of huge girth stood dark and solemn in wide glades with here and there among them hoary ash-trees, and giant oaks just putting out their brown-green buds. About them lay long launds of green grass dappled with celandine and anemones, white and blue, now folded for sleep; and there were acres populous with the leaves of woodland hyacinths: already their sleek bell-stems were thrusting through the mould." The Two Towers, Book IV, Ch 7, 'Journey to the Cross-roads'
hopin htis all helpin you :)

29 Apr, 2010

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