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Can I overwinter Verbascums?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have managed to germinate some seed which are growing well but are still very small. Question is when they are ready to pot up can I over winter them in a cold greenhouse so that I can plant out next spring or will it be too cold to leave them there?

On plant Verbascum



They should be O.K. Pot them on as you say and plant them out in the Spring.

8 Oct, 2007


Thanks, I thought they might die off I I left them out in the greenhouse all winter.

9 Oct, 2007


I grew some last year and left them out all winter and they were fine, and got off to a good start in the spring

9 Oct, 2007


Thanks, I believe they grow quite tall, I`m a bit of a novice at this! I thought I would plant them in place of my hollyhocks as they suffer really badly from rust on the leaves, Do you think this will work, do you know the conditions they grow best in?

9 Oct, 2007


Mine like full sun but depends on what variety

9 Oct, 2007


Verbascums enjoy full sun and a well-drained soil. If the plants are very small I would be inclined to wait until spring before potting them on rather than sitting in large amounts of cold compost over winter

9 Oct, 2007

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