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Apple Tree


By Sadie

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Looking for advice on an old Brambly Apple tree about 30 years old. It has never been prunned properly and is now sprawling over my sister's garden. It has quite a few stems (branches) that have no fruit on. Should these be cut off to tidy it up a bit? I have thinned out the apples as it still produces quite a lot of fruit but they always have a grub in them. If it where mine I would chop it down but it has sentimental value to my sister. I know it should be prunned in winter but would it kill it if I cut the main 4 or 5 branches off and how low could this be done.



Hi Sadie- well where to start?No wont harm tree if dead damaged branches removed now I usually cut back to about 2 " from main trunk as cutting flush can risk open wound ripe for infection.Cutting long can see lots of new shoots resulting in over - crowding.If tree fruiting poorly no harm in opening up crown of tree by removing branches that crossover.The grubs
you descibe sound like codling moth - maggot like in appearance?ICI / Murphys make a spray that applied twice now and again in 4 weeks to control.Sorry long chemical name fenitro? cant recall.Hope this helps.

1 Jul, 2008


Hi Bonkerson - thanks for info. The branches are not dead or damaged, just not bearing fruit. Am I o.k. .to cut these off?

1 Jul, 2008

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