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Hi all, my dog has ruined my lawn, i`ve read about `DOG ROCKS` that changes the chemical make up of Dog Urine and reduces / halts the burning of the grass.Has anyone used them or do they work ? Any advice would be great, i`ve tried teaching her to use the Loo but not having any success LOL ( joking )




We have 2 dogs and we do use Dog Rocks. However, you must be careful to take the same water with you wherever you go- in the car,on holiday etc.
Also , keep a watering can full of water with a squeeze of washing up liquid ready to water wherever the dog spends, especially the early morning one.
Other than that, have grass seed at the ready, scrape away the dead grass, water well with the soapy water, sprinkle the seed,and cover lightly with compost.Keep it watered and the grass will grow quite quickly at this time of the year. Very best wishes, and remember, however much we love our gardens, we love our dogs more !

29 Apr, 2010


I was just talking about this to someone today- my dog's wee kills grass seemingly on contact!
What I did was grab him by the collar on the morning let out and steer him towards the compost bin, and when he'd peed up that, gave him a biscuit. There's a bare patch around the bin but that's better than yellow patches all over the place.

29 Apr, 2010


build a dog run is a sure fire way even if its tempery .then let him in the lawned part when your out there so your always there to point excuse the pun him in the right direction . personaly i have got a permanent dog run but i have get 5 dogs lol .

30 Apr, 2010

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