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By Rohima

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I transferred my cucumber seedlings to 3" pots 3 days ago and have kept them in my conservatory. Althuogh it's unheated it can get quite warm there during the day. Yesterday when i checked the plants one had drooped. but by evening it had perked up again. This morning the same plant plus a 2nd plant has drooped and the leaf of a 3rd plant looks to be going soft too. There only are 6 plants in total and i don't want to lose them all. Any advise please.



Put them in a box lined with polystyrene, cover the top with a piece of glass. Do not over water, go by the weight of the pots.

30 Apr, 2010


Thank you Doctorbob1.Have found a box and will go look in the shed for the polystyrene otherwise will try insulating the box with layers of news paper. This is the first time i have tried to grow cucumbers and really want to be successful.

30 Apr, 2010

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