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Hi bought 3 prostrate-junipers so i can use this instead of grass seeds decause i


By Ocean

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

Hi bought 3 prostrate-junipers so i can use this instead of grass seeds
decause i,m not able to mow the lawn and this plant it spreads across and you don,t have mow it so can you give me some advice please teresa barnard thankyou

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They can grow very big, mine are about 6 ft across and about 2.6ft high. I have 5 different types they take a while to take off then they do the job very well. When you plant space them well part to allow for future growth and give them a good start with a good size whole and some compost etc. The first few years you will have bare earth between. What I did was put done a double thickness weed suppressant membrane and cover it in a large size gravel or you could put down a thick layer of bark? The plants grow over this and its virtually maintenance free.

30 Apr, 2010


We have removed all ours now as they got too big. Main trouble we had was that couch grass infilltrated them and it was incredibly diificult to get amongsth them to remove it. As suggested you either need to put down a membrane and plant through it, or make sure that there are no weeds in the soil before you plant.

30 Apr, 2010


Yes they can get very big OB but I wanted them big so for me it was OK. I dont get any weeds but my neighbour does as he has not covered the soil.

30 Apr, 2010


Exactly. When we planted ours membrane had not been invented!

30 Apr, 2010


I have a double thickness membrane and 4" of large size shingle Ob did it about 8 years ago. They can look very scruffy if grass/weeds get in them.

30 Apr, 2010


Ocean a prostrate junipers will look great but they do not replace a lawn in as much has you can;t walk on them. After the first year or so they, presuming they like you soil, they will grow like mad and need to be controlled... Anything less like a lawn I can not imagine!

30 Apr, 2010

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