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Hello all,
Some great ideas that I never would have thought of, keep them coming. Some one suggested going to Thailand for the winter. Does anyone know of any opportunities for gardening abroad?
Debbie :-)
PS I do general maintainence, planting, weeding, pruning... but I am also a designer but as yet don't use this in my gardening as it is still a mystery to me.



Debbie we are happy gardeners growing our flowers, fruit and veg in our own gardens. I have no idea if there a gardening possibilities in Thailand but I would doubt it - in any case the government has advised folk not to even visit the country at this time!

Could you explain to me how you can state you are a garden designer and then also say you don't use this as it is a mystery to you? If you have been trained as a garden designer it should not be a mystery at all!

I get the feeling you are looking for work in which case you are on the wrong site - we are enthusiastic amateur (mostly) gardeners who love working in our gardens not folk who are looking to employ gardeners.

30 Apr, 2010


get some garden design software for a start id say . i love garden design and designed mine,a couple of friends and my mums .my garden is on one of my blogs somewear. i couldnt personaly just design one and let someone else do all the work and my backs given up the ghost after doing to much .you do it right its got to be a great way of earning a good living .good luck . it is worth watching reruns of garden make over shows and maybe look to see how you could improve them.anyway good luck bye for now xx.

30 Apr, 2010


designing is just that weather it be the garden or the house as they are both living areas and both can have some realy diverse and different ideas to others .brilliant job as know day is the same i think. i wish i could do it.

30 Apr, 2010


Hi i have just read your previous question after seeing this one. I see you mention you are a designer but not a garden designer am I right? If that is the case then I would enrol on a one day a week garden course. I did one several years ago at City and Guilds level. It taught you garden history, design, plants, landscapes, water features and a whole host of other interesting bits and bobs. Plus you get to meet lots of other like minded people.

On the job front, check all the Horticultural sites such as Growcareers, Horticultural jobs, even grey coats employment. They are often looking for part time as well as full time gardeners on estates.

Gardening can be very seasonal when you only have a small garden or a small amount of clients. Big gardens require year round work, blimey my 100ft by 30ft requires plenty throughout the year.

Be flexible, garden design, walk arounds, fencing, patios repair, replace cleanand a bit of flower arranging when its quiet, all of this can be done during the colder months. Approach schools via the council as they are at the moment really pushing the gardening front I see it almost at every school I visit.
Hope this has been of help.

30 Apr, 2010


Any work with schools will require the person to be checked and licensed Mr MB had to be to work with their gardening club... I am still confused as to what it is you want to do or know... you are not likely to gain any jobs from this site :-)

30 Apr, 2010


id still get a bit of softweat about garden will know strate away if it gets a grip of you or not .then like moon grower and treesandthi... say or not.

30 Apr, 2010

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