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AUBRETIA...I recently passed a garden, in it was growing AUBRETIA, flowering like i`ve never seen, no greenery showing what so ever, and brightly coloured purple flowers, i asked the owner how he gets such a display, he told me he feeds them a secret recipe but wouldn't say what, my AUBRETIA has some flowers but its never been covered totally, what could he be using, any ideas on how i can improve mine ?





If you ever find out please let me know...

30 Apr, 2010


Has to be a low nitrogen fertiliser or the leaves would be big and visible. Tomato feed or bonemeal?

30 Apr, 2010


Shame he wasn't prepared to share his secret with you...a bit mean...however I think Bulbaholic might be onto some thing cos my Aubretia is thieving and its in amongst my bulbs which I am feeding regularly with Tomato feed, so they are probably getting a feed too.

30 Apr, 2010


Maybe we should ask Terra how her Aubretias are so fantastic? They are wonderful plants for colour at this time. I will try bonemeal when I trim mine and aim for a second show, if there is enough rain. I have spread my aubretia all along the edge of one bed from just a few plants, by pulling bits out in the autumn. Making a slot with the trowel and letting them get on with it.

1 May, 2010


Thats good to hear as mine get tomato feed just because they are near other plants.

1 May, 2010

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