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Hi there, is it possible to prune and shape a small Acer or do I just let it grow naturally. thanks Sandra

On plant Acer palmatum



On the whole just let it grow naturally as they don't particularly like being pruned. Sometimes it may be neccessary to thin out the crown a bit but wait until it has lost all it's leaves before you prune. I didn't realise how much Acers don't like being pruned and trimmed mine back at the wrong time of year and thought i'd killed it ..for more than a year I just had a bare trunk and branches but this year it has put on lots of new growth .....phew!

30 Apr, 2010


If you mean a Japanese acer then it will not take kindly to being pruned right now. I did a bit of tidying up on ours last autumn and even removed a couple of large branches on one but only after it was dormant.

30 Apr, 2010

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