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By Peeps

wales, United Kingdom Gb 7 month old boxer has eaten a crocosmia bulb!!! he was very sick and now seems fine but still a bit worried any advise??

On plant Crocosmia



Hi Peeps i also have a boxer and know they can get into everything,i dont think it will do him any harm as he has probably brought most of it up,but for peace of mind most certainly visit the vets and they will advise you hoping he`s fine they really are such a comicial dog!!!:~))))

30 Apr, 2010


If he's eating and acting normal then he's probably ok, but if your worried you could always call your vet for advice.
It's likely that he would be salivating excessively if he was feeling unwell, but check his gums, they should be a nice deep pink. If a dog suffers from shock from poisoning or any other trauma his gums will go very pale and would need urgent veterinary treatment.

30 Apr, 2010


Thanks everyone (phew!!) He seems fine still bounding around like something not right. I would normaly have rushed him 2 the vets but they have this new complicated system and you cant seem to get in now (time to change vets me thinks) But I know what u mean Mobee it doesn't matter if its nailed down...he'll eat the object and probably the nails!!!!!! :)))

2 May, 2010


Lol peeps my boxer 3yr old ate my plants then would run and hide behind bush bottom of garden when i went to call him he must think he`s no bigger than a mouse!!!!! thinking i couldn`t see him.Hilarious:~))))

2 May, 2010


hahaha thats well funny :))))

3 May, 2010

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