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how far back should I cut a Clematis? it looks all dead to me



We need to know which one it is, to answer this, Guest.

Please ask your question again, with more information. The best thing would be to join GOY, so that we could talk about your plant and suggest the best course of action. In the meantime, take a careful look at the base near the soil and see if there are any new shoots emerging from the roots.

I'd like to ask you soooo many questions, but unless you join us, you can't answer me!

1 May, 2010


Welcome to GOY Pinhead. I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of this page and press on C look for clematis, and Spritz has a really good presentation on pruning clematis.Which i used some time ago to prune my clematis. Sorry Spritz you came on while I was checking your info.

1 May, 2010


Thanks Dorjac - maybe this guest will find the info in the blog useful - I do hope so!

OH! Hallo, Pinhead - welcome on board!

Do you know which clematis you have? When did it flower/what sized flowers etc.

1 May, 2010

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