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I have just bought tis camelia from Lidl bargain at £1.99 But I have no idea of the name of it, has anyone got any ideas?

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Good Luck with it, ive not been very happy with plants and bulbs from Lidls, i bought loads of various kinds of Tulips 2 years ago, but very disappointed as they all came up as the same variety, a big con by Lidls. Anyone else had the same experience with Lidls or Aldi`s

Sorry don`t recognise the plant tho


1 May, 2010


Well its definitely Camellia x williamsii - as to which variety, not too sure - could be 'George Blandford'. Nice healthy looking growth there - harden it off before leaving outside permanently.

1 May, 2010


Thank you Bamboo, acid compost right? Can I plant it in the ground near my wildlife area, will it survive?

1 May, 2010


Non alkaline, yes, and don't plant in an east facing position - tolerates shade, but will need some sun.

1 May, 2010


Okey Dokey!

1 May, 2010


Looks fine and healthy Great if on the small side... give it a few years and it will look even better.

1 May, 2010


I bought it small MG as I thought it would a climatise to my garden better, Plus small things are cheaper!!

2 May, 2010



2 May, 2010

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