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By Hijuju

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Got my other Climbing Arch up today.He got off his backside and put it up for me.
So we bought a Climbing Rose called Ginger Syllabub and a Clematis.
Im not sure how the clematis will do as ive never grown one before, But it is a nice bluey purple colour looking at the picture.The clematis was only £4-99.When the clematis gets going when do i trim it and what do i need to feed it with?



What group is it in. Hijuju? It should say on the label. I wrote a blog on pruning clematis and you'll find it if you go to 'C' at the bottom of the page, then 'Clematis'...I hope it helps - it includes feeding, as well. :-)

Good luck with it - and plant it deeply, at least 2 inches deeper than the pot level...this helps in case it gets 'Clematis wilt', as it can grow back from the roots.

1 May, 2010


Just been to have a look at the name.its called Warszawska Nike.

2 May, 2010


OK - that's a group 3 clematis, Hijuju. That means that you prune it hard back to about 1ft to the first pairs of healthy buds in early spring.

I feed my clematis then, with a handful of blood, fish and bone scattered round their roots, and also once a month in the growing season with liquid plant food.

It flowers late - around July-August.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

2 May, 2010


thanks spritz

2 May, 2010

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