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do my morning glory need support?

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've got some morning glory that i've sown from seed and intend to grow up a fence to brighten it up a little. my question is, do i need to provide additional supports (and if so, are bamboo canes suitable) or will they scramble up the fence naturally? the instructions on the pack are a bit contradictory.



It depends... some are only 5-6 ft and others 15ft+. They will climb anything, and I use bamboo canes. Just keep an eye on them and give them a nudge if they don't go to the fence.

2 May, 2010


thanks. the pack says these ones grow to approx 2.5-3meters, which i think is about 8 ft, so i'll plant them fairly close to the fence and see how they go. Lx

2 May, 2010

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