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By Macpat

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just bought a Clematis 'Early Sensation'. The label describes the flowers as white and the picture shows them to be absolutely white. It has now bloomed and the flowers are lime green! I am not disappointed because the plant is very pretty but is there a variant that has green flowers or is the label on my plant incorrect? Does this green flowered variety have another name?



Interesting, i've just bought a different type and it's white flowers are green tinged.
Have a look at a site called 'Clematis On The Web', it says there that Early Sensations can have traces of lemon, yellow and cream.
It's a lovely clematis :-))))))

3 May, 2010


This one does have a green centre? How long has the flower been out? Is it yet to mature changing to white/green? Have you got a pic?

3 May, 2010


i have sensation and is pure white, but not doing well after winter this year, ;o(

3 May, 2010


Thanks Sanbaz, Drc726, Louise1 for yours answers on Clematis Early Sensation. The flowers have been out for a week now and I do detect that they are getting paler! I think maybe I am a little impatient....a truly lovely Clematis. I'm sorry that yours (Sanbaz ) is not doing well but we have had a particularly harsh winter...I hope it recovers.
Thanks again for all the interest.

3 May, 2010


I have this clematis too and it is just starting to open it's flowers fully. They become whiter the longer they're open, mine become fully white eventually but start off green. I'm very surprised mine has done better than ever this year Sandra. I expected it to suffer or die as it's over an arch and had snow laying on it for ages as it's always been a bit feeble. Seems to have liked harsh weather!

3 May, 2010


glad yours is ok lily, dont know whats up with mine, its not dead looking, still green leaves but just hasnt got any new shoots and only two buds, maybe it will buck up

3 May, 2010


They aren't very robust are they Sandra but very pretty, the leaves too. Maybe you could trim it back and give it a feed, might give it a boost. I did this with mine after it had languished for a couple of years and it made quite a few new shoots but still only one stem out of the ground unfortunately.

3 May, 2010


thanx lily will try that after my two flowers have been and gone hahah

3 May, 2010

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