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By Jay29

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

is my tree fern dead? It was left out all winter, I did cover it with bubble plastic but I think the moisture has rotted it as I have no new signs of life, just a few of the stems rotting off! I don't under stand why this has happend as I have had the tree fern for 10 years and it is about 5ft.. Any Information would be great. Jason

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Hi Jason....Sorry to hear about your tree fern.....bubble wrap was the wrong thing to use I'm you suspect, the moisture may have rotted it. A fabric fleece would have been better to wrap it in....with bracken in the top to protect the new croziers. I would wait for a while before "throwing in the towel"....try watering it with a sugar solution, poured over the top and make sure the trunk is kept moist may still come true.....Good Luck!

3 May, 2010

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