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By Jred

Mid Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

thank you every1 fr the comments left n my last question, but again im still puzzles as what to so 2 my large garden, i dont want anythng thats requires a large amount of upkeep. i have to large grassed areas either side of an over grown path and a brken old concreted area. please help as im not a gardener have t lively boys who come with a large trampolene.



Is it possible for you to take photos and post them on here, Jred? Only it sounds as if you don't have any planting areas, just lawn and a broken concrete area. Also, is there any way the broken concrete area can be fixed - do you know someone, or can you, repair it in some way?
Is the grass a problem for you in terms of keeping it cut during the spring and summer? It is undoubtedly the best kind of surface if you have kids, so if you can manage to do that, then at least we know you need to keep that.
Other info that would help, apart from photos, would be do you know which way it faces, or at least how much sun it gets at various times of day? Is it very exposed to cold winds, etc?
And most important of all, do you actually want plants in your garden?

3 May, 2010


Its difficult to keep the grass shorts and its also prone to sproutin out lots of weeds. I have 2 children aged 10 and 7 so i can understand how grass can be practical for them, but i also have a front garden which they tend to use more. the sun is down the lower half of the garden all day untill 3pm, and its shady up the top half most of the time and thats where the concrete area is. i will try to upload some pic later on 2day or 2moro mornin.Yes i would like some plants but as ive said im havent got green fingers at all, i even find it difficult to keep house plants alive.
thanx for replying.

7 May, 2010

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