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I am looking for more large and flat rocks. Beside a quarry which seems to be extremely expensive, does anyone have another idea of where to pick more up or purchase?



I know some of our local garden centres now do sell large rocks.

Would Home Dept have Bebehart1?

Good luck.

4 May, 2010


Have you had a look on EBay and your local newspaper to see if anybody in your area is selling rocks? Obviously stone is very expensive in the U.S as it is over here in the U.K

4 May, 2010


In my locality there are a lot of rocks in the fields. These are a problem for the farmers when they cultivate the land and many fields have large piles of them in a corner, collected over generations. If you can find suitable rocks then the farmer will rarely have any problem with letting you take some away.

4 May, 2010


raocks are always going to be expensive anywear because of delivery prices unless like bulbaholic sais you have a natural rock near you .for instance wear i live if i wanted a rockery of flint it wouldnt be to hard to get .anything not natural to your area however will just cost a lot .i would look in your local adds to see if like scotkat sais someone has had enough of there rockery etc and you can pick them up .

4 May, 2010


We spend a fair bit of time in Ca. I had the need for a large rock for the centrepiece of a rockery .
I saw a road being excavated and asked the guy in the white hard hat if I could have a rock. "No problem, take your pick". He even helped me lift it into the trunk.

Smile nicely and ask. It's the cheapest option.

4 May, 2010


definatly smile and be nice .one mans meat is another mans poison.

4 May, 2010

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