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I have grown some wallflowers from seed this year. Intended to plant them out in the autumn for spring flowers, however they are now developing flowers. Should I remove the flowers and plant them out as planned or have I misunderstood the bi-annual flowering cycle?
Help would be appreciated



hi valeyway
Certainly remove the flowers and plant now so they have time to develop in the summer and you will then get blooming next spring
Good luck

3 Jul, 2008


This can happen if the seeds are planted too early. Not a problem though, just pinch out the flower heads. We are recommended to plant aseeds in late July/August.This also will produce a bushy plant, which is more showy.
I've had the same problem with primulas, which I expect to come forth in Spring, but are currently producing some great displays in July. Second occasion this year. My location North West UK

30 Jul, 2008

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