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By W1nk

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I want to make a small hedging and thinking of using escallonia, has anyone had experience using this shrub, thanks for your help in advance. W1nk



I used a couple as part of a hedge,at another house,but they got so big,so I had to keep cutting them back,at the expense of the flowers sometimes..just depends how high you want the hedge..and it's a good deterrent for unwanted people and animals..

19 Feb, 2014


As Bloomer says, they do get quite large, and I dislike them because they're always sticky in summer, making it difficult to trim, they stick up the trimmer blade. Not sure what you mean by 'small' but if you don't mind prickly, Berberis darwinii is worth considering.

19 Feb, 2014


Escallonia Apple Blossom doesn't get sticky, and does not grow as fast as some of them, it also has small pink and white flowers in the spring.

19 Feb, 2014


Thanks for your answers, you have told me what I thought and was worried about, the hedge I was going to grow as a border, like a box hedge no more than 2 ft high, with flowers to show rather than plain.
More thought needed I think.

Thank you very much for your feedback

19 Feb, 2014


Would hebe do what you want? Or lavender?

19 Feb, 2014


Ah steragram

You read my mind, that's my next avenue, will look at types, thanks

20 Feb, 2014


Have used it here but without success, must be our garden, because it is supposed to be a coastal plant, and it looks stunning if grown and pruned properly (at the expense of the flowers though:'( )

6 Apr, 2014


have a look at Euonymus japonica 'Pierriolo' - doesn't flower, but the new growth is white, and it looks very attractive. Responds very well to cutting, and of course, whenever you get new growth, that will be white. Gets about 70 cm left unpruned, fully hardy.

7 Apr, 2014


Couldn't find this on Google

8 Apr, 2014


That's cos I spelt it wrong, Steragram - should be E. pierrolino!

9 Apr, 2014


Hi W1nk. My experience of Escallonia was in my late Mum's garden. She had an Escallonia hedge the full length of the front garden. This would be about 25 yards in length. 6ft high and 2ft thick. I used to maintain it for her as she was in her 90's. The hedge looked lovely when trimmed. But fully agree with "stickiness" and also you usually had to cut the flowers off, unfortunately, in an effort to keep it tidy. It took ages to get the sticky leaves up off the pavement, after cutting, until I started putting dust sheets down. What about a box hedge or maybe laurel. I have a laurel hedge in my garden, I keep it to a height of about a metre, but, it would take several years to grow.

20 May, 2014

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