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Does anyone know what plant is this?

Thank you




Looks like Lysimachia punctata and I forget the cultivar name, it's a fairly recent introduction in the last five years or so - should have yellow flowers in the next few weeks, does well in shade. Well check for the full name if I can.

4 May, 2010


It's Lysimachia punctata variegata.

4 May, 2010


Thank you Bamboo but I dont think the leaves are identical... Do you think is a variety of your sugestion?

4 May, 2010


Depends which picture you find on the internet - one site shows this exact plant under that name - another site shows one with just white variegation on the leaves. I planted this 2 years ago in a client's garden - it has a label, next time I go, I'll check what it says, but won't be there till probably early next week now.

4 May, 2010


Thank you very help for your help, much appreciated :)

4 May, 2010


Whatever its full name, it is definitely Lysimachia, nonetheless.

4 May, 2010


there is a variety called Alexander or Alexandra. that is very similar.

4 May, 2010

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