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Hi I need a all year round fence climber that will give me privacy in a shady alleyway between myself and neighbour but not too bushy as we have to use it to access the garden (our kitchen windows face each other). I have honeysucle but its shabby and doesnt grow at all , ivy is not good as we were overrun by it on another fence , virginia creeper would be ideal but the berries are poisonous to my dog , so any ideas please , thank you



Hydrangea anomala springs to mind - you can keep that trimmed back to the fence. Doesn't have leaves in winter though, but then, nor does virginia creeper.

19 Feb, 2014


What sort of fence is it? Could you add to the height with bamboo/willow cane screening?

19 Feb, 2014


there are several evergreen clematis and you can get them flowering now C cirrhosa for example. There are spring, summer and autumn ones so you have flowers all year round.
Evergreen honeysuckles are also a possibility.

19 Feb, 2014


How tall is the fence? Pileostegia viburnoides takes shade and is evergreen. It is self-clinging provided it is fed well every year. Eventually reaches twenty feet, but I cut mine back to six feet every year. Flowers in late summer

19 Feb, 2014

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