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what shrubs put out buds before leaves?

Shropshire, England Eng

I seem to have two of these, buds showing on bare stems, can anyone offer any hints as to what they might be?

the plant in the second pic has rather rough, nubbly bark

sorry pics aren't very clear, but were best I could do at the time

Budding_140218_1_ Budding_140218_2_



Bottom pic looks like a Forsythia

Top pic...not too sure. Ribes possibly ?

20 Feb, 2014


A lot of shrubs put out flower buds before, or at the same time, as the leaf buds.

20 Feb, 2014


Not that I think they are but cherries flower before the leaves too......I thought flowering currant (ribes) for the first and possibly forsythia the second, won't be long by the look of it before you know Fran.....

20 Feb, 2014


Welcome back Fran.

Top pic has a look of magnolia to me. Mags may very well be showing flower buds down in sheltered spots.

20 Feb, 2014


Thanks all for your helpful comments. As you say, Pam, shouldn't be long before I've got leaves etc to help narrow it down.

I'm not sure if this place counts as "sheltered", Uranite: I asked a cab driver about snow here - he said that Shrewsbury has a ring of hills around it, so doesn't get extremes of weather - but there's a "slight" wind-tunnel effect - enough to send my empty composter sailing down the path like a Dalek! (and it was behind a shed, so in a lee). The sbrubs are at the far end of the garden, so not sure how much "shelter" they have.

I did put this question into Google search, but it only gave me "flowering shrub" options. I'd read that Witch-hazel buds before leaves, but didn't know how many others might do that as well - the comment seemed to carry a tone that this was unusual.

Wouldn't mind a witch-hazel...

20 Feb, 2014


Fran do you mean flowers before it leaves? the leaves also start as a bud. so they all do. Not that that helps the id much :o)

20 Feb, 2014


lol Seaburngirl, true! I did mean flower buds before leaves, but as you say, these could be leaf buds - never occured to me before.

No doubt I'll find out shortly what's budding ...

sounds like we have a bestselling book title ... "shoots buds and leaves"!!

20 Feb, 2014


I looked at my ribes yesterday and you can see on the pinky red bit that its actually tightly closed flower buds in a cone shape, yours is a bit blurry for me to see close up.
not sure about magnolia, mine is a Stellata cross and the buda are in a beige furry case

21 Feb, 2014


they're definitely pinky buds, Pam, that's how i first noticed them, wondering what that colour was.

antoher plant to look up and to add to my "garden" - shee, there's going to be dozens once I get them all identified!!

21 Feb, 2014


I kept a photo scrap book of this garden when we moved it, its been very useful and nice to look back on
I also keep a chart of the names of shrubs and trees, broken down into areas and penny circles with a number in relating to the list
below, this is invaluable, so many , especially at this time of year when every branch is just twigs ........

21 Feb, 2014


I'm going to have to write numbers on llarge plastic abels and stick them into the ground by each plant, then list them by number till I get to know them better.

21 Feb, 2014


Hi, I would go along with Ribes for the top pic, and Forsythia for the bottom 1, Derek.

21 Feb, 2014


use the plant tab on this website to list your plants. You can add pictures to them as well as any other info you want. I have found it invaluable.

21 Feb, 2014


thanks Derek and Seaburngirl.

I do add plants to my Garden here, when I know what they are - most of these are container plants, as that was all I had before - no room for "real" plants in the ground.

Sadly, most of them have "zz" on them, meaning that they've died; I keep them on because I might get them again some day and any info already on would be handy. (I did mark them with an "x", as they were ex-plants, but htat put Zebra Grass right at the end of the list!)

And adding pics of them at various stages and in every season would also help me to track what they started as.

I also have Word files for each plant, date bught, repotted, care instructions gleanded from searched - I usually look at two or three, and pick out the points they all agree on!

22 Feb, 2014

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