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Sweet peas

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why do the buds turn yellow and drop of before flowering?



Hi Confused -- Do not be
Are you constantly cutting the flowers for use inside or if not then remove them ( dead head them)after flowering. or they will just go to seed and die
They also require a fairly rich soil and watering

3 Jul, 2008


They are in rich soil have been fed and are watered frequently - There have been no flowers at all this season!

3 Jul, 2008


That's very strange. Mine are doing well this year. Where are you? Are the leaves OK? Any other symptoms?

3 Jul, 2008


Hi confused - Now I am getting confused- This is very strange indeed as normally easy to grow Where are they planted and could the soil be waterloged or poorly drained
Any pics could maybe help

4 Jul, 2008


Yes I'l take one over the week end, however the floliage is green and lush, not even the lower leaves turning yellow , I am growing them in large pots - I'll check the drainage, but there were plenty of crocks in the pot prior to planting. Maybe we just need a bit more sunshine! I do live near Manchester!

4 Jul, 2008


Hallo again - I just read an article by Peter Seabrook on this very problem. He says that it is caused by flutuations in temperature and rainfall. So, you are probably on the right track by living where you do. Sorry! Better luck if we ever get some decent weather.

5 Jul, 2008

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