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County Down, United Kingdom Gb

I bring the tomato plants indoors at night but outside in south facing sheltered patio, but I don't know how else to attend to them as they get first attempt! Thank you hope you can advise me.



Iwould be careful putting them out at the moment the air is still cold and we've had frosts for the past few nights, I'm in the midlands and wouldn't leave them out on cold or windy days and not at night until end of may at the earliest and even then be guided by the weather unless you could rig up some protection outside for them

5 May, 2010


Yes, it would be a shame to lose them on a frosty night. Rig up some plastic on bamboo sticks or fleece to cover them with overnight. The weather is supposed to get colder (again!) next week.

5 May, 2010

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