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ostrowskianum allium

South Lanark, United Kingdom Gb

I have received 15 "Ostrow " bulbs free - I think they may be Allium, ostrowskianum allium.... but how deep should I plant them and do they like sun or shade? And am I too late to plant them now - they look in good condition with something ready to sprout soon....



My book says plant in autumn at twice the diameter of the bulb. But you will have to plant them now anyway.

5 May, 2010


They should be sprouting now and like a sunny position. Plant them about three inches deep and plant them now.

5 May, 2010


Bulbs are very tolerant of being planted at the wrong time! They may flower a little later than normal but will catch up for next year.

5 May, 2010


And for goodness sake, dead head them when they finish flowering. They are the most awful seed weeds you can imagine. They are a plant once, weed out forever thing. I have already dug out 5, 2 gallon buckets full of them so far this year and there are still more appearing, everywhere.

5 May, 2010


Many thanks for all your advice... will take care where I plant them so that I can get in easily to deadhead when time comes... better label them well too!

6 May, 2010


This is obviously why the bulbs were 'free'! Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!!

7 May, 2010



7 May, 2010

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