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By April

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've always wanted to grow an apple tree from a pip! Can this be done and if so, how? I woulld love to know and perhaps this time maybe know a bit more of how to.



Yes, it can be done. However, Malus domestica is thought to be the most genetically variable tree of all. Every pip in any apple has the potential to be a completely new variation. The chances of getting a new useful, or indeed the same, tree are extremely small and the vast majority of them will produce small and bitter fruit. It also takes about 5 years from seed to reach fruiting size.
BUT, you never know. Take a pip, sow it about 1/2 inch deep in ordinary compost and leave it somewhere safe, but exposed to the weather and they normally germinate in spring.

6 May, 2010


Thanks will try again, think i'll also try letting an apple rot a bit before planting the pip....never know what difference this will make, I figure that would be what would happen in nature. maybe the apple nourishes the seed...?

13 May, 2010

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