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By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Is it possible to grow clematis from the new buds forming now please?



Yes it is. Take a cutting with 2" of stem below the bud and plunge the stem into compost until the base of the bud is in contact with the compost. water well and cover with a plastic bag and keep just warm.

I have had some success this way and this is what Taylors of Doncaster told us at our HPS meeting last month.

21 Feb, 2014


Thanks again Sbg......I inadvertently pulled up growth from an alpina type and shall try your method. I pruned Etoile violette last week and did what you say but in water, so that the base of the buds just touched the surface, shall put them in compost too now....:))

21 Feb, 2014


Thats interesting. Will try one on the window sill whilst I still have the heating on in my flat.

22 Feb, 2014

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